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is there any dremel bits you can make yourself? Answered

i want to make some dremel bits myself because they cost so mutch to buy.




7 years ago

depends how good you are at working small metal
1. cut a slot in a nail length wise use a small piece of sandpaper in the slot to make a "flap sander"
2. a nail sharpened and case hardened can route and carve
3. a disk of leather on the mandrel can strop small carving tools and knifes
4. a couple circles of cloth can be used to buff (denim from warn out blue jeans works well)
5. take a nail with a large head file saw teeth around the edge case harden to cut notches

remember a dremel spins at 30k plus rpm keep tools small and run them slow till you know if they balance


9 years ago

Depends on what you mean by "dremel bit".

I've sometimes chucked half a q-tip, dipped in polishing compound, to do a bit of spot cleanup.

And bits designed for "palm routers" would probably work -- but that's generally more expensive, not less.

But in general, Drew's points are valid. It would have to be something that would tolerate the strong forces applied first by the rapid rotation and then by pressure against whatever you're working on.

You'll notice that the instructions tell you always to hold the wire wheels and cutting disks so no part of your body is in the plane of rotation, so any parts which come free will fly away without hitting you -- and that's for bits designed to work with the dremel. Homebrew is riskier. If you're going to experiment, take that warning to heart -- and then wear safety goggles anyway, in case something ricochets.


10 years ago

You could try, but I don't think its advisable, there are a number of problems that could make the bit likely to fail, and potentially dangerous. Problems include: bit rigidity, shaft straightness, fatigue on the shaft. More specifically, a bit put together would undergo quite strong forces, vibration, torsion and such, so for example making a "disc cutter" the problem of getting the disk to attach to an axle could be solved by welding it, but inconsistencies in the weld, or if its even slightly crooked it will experience stronger forces at the join, causing it to fatigue and eventually fail. There's also the problem of how straight the axle is, if its non straight at any point then it will be a source of excess vibration and that point will undergo repeated stress's at a high frequency. Depending on the metal and how its used it may fail immediately or after a while, and it doing so it may fail by simply breaking, or it may fail by flying off at high speed, which is not good for health. Also, the composition of the axle may cause it to develop points of weakness, leading to bent shaft(see previous point) or to fail immediately. All in all I would avoid making my own personally (and advise the same), and if you decide to anyway I would advise you to be very cautious, wear as much safety equipment as is sensible, check the bit often and don't stress it; use low speed and frequently turn the Dremel off to to check that the bit is okay. Drew


10 years ago

umm you could probably put a nail in the dremel and use that as an engraving tip other then that, you have to buy them