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is this a good long-board? Answered

I want to know if this is a good long-board for a beginner. I will be mostly be cruising, not doing many tricks or steep down hills.any questions are welcome, I want to get the right board!



6 years ago

I can't comment on the subject, last time I rode a skateboard I broke my nose. All I can offer is buying advice:
If available, I highly recommend going to a local skate shop where they can measure you up and advise you what kind of board would make you happy;
There are such adjustments/choices of the length, stiffness of the board, and shape; you can get wider or narrower trucks (axles), tighter or looser steering, some adjustable; and what kind of bearings/wheels; grippy or slippy?

It's like buying a snowboard where the shape, size, flex, twist, and bindings matter just as much as falling in love with the artwork.

Lastly, a really good shop will give you the advice without forcing you to buy something - they'll want you to have the right fit for YOU based on how you answer the criteria that are important to you. If they do their job right, you'll WANT to buy their product because they'll have something that fits you.

Mr. tony starkfrollard

Answer 6 years ago

i don't think that there is a local skate shop around here.