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itunes problem: how is one to add a massive amount of music contained on cds on to itunes in a relatively quick fashion Answered

hello there fellow instructabillians (instructable members) i have recently run into quite the problem you see i am the technological guru so to speak for my household but even i get stumped so here is the problem my father has recently charged me with putting his entire music collection of upwards of 1000 CDs onto his computer and external hard drives he has also given me a deadline of 2 weeks now i am very worried about how on earth i can monitor the computer 24/7 changing CDs as they finish importing i desperately need a way to import CDs on a massive scale any help is GREATLY appreciated

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10 years ago

.  At normal speed that's almost 30 days of music (assuming 42 minutes/CD and zero changing time).Try searching for a CD ripping program and drive that will rip at 2x or greater and/or will rip more than one CD at a time if you have multiple drives (EAC may work).
.  You may need to invest in a data CD changer - if you do, make sure it will read at greater than 2x (most audio CD players/changers will only do 1x).
.  You can use something like foobar 2000 to organize and play your ripped collection. Foobar will convert files formats and I _think_ foobar will handle the conversion to iPod format, but since I don't know which format the iPod uses, I can't say for sure.