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ive got a msi 785G-E53 MOTHER BOARD? Answered

Ive got a msi 785g-e53 motherboard it was working perfectly but than suddenly it went dead i opened it and checked the power supply but noting wrong there a buddy of mine told me to remove the 4pin connector to see if it will run and it did but as soon as u put back the 4pin connector on the PWR1,EN-10 Nothing works help me please is there any way i can repair it as this is a gift from my dad help will be greatly appeciated thanks 


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4 years ago

Although it is rare CPU's do sometimes go bad. Static jolts can kill them dead right away. I would try swapping out the CPU with a borrowed one to see if it makes a difference. (borrowed one needs to be compatible with the board and you need to use proper heatsink and compound. ) Anyway, I think I had one with this problem years ago and it was the processor. As I remember it had been damaged by a lightening strike to the house. The board was fine but the CPU got killed.