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just bought a philips living colors (mini) led lamp model lcs3001/12. touch sensitive. Answered

i would like to fix this lamp in my ceiling. when you touch the switch it lights on the lamp and when you rotate your finger on the switch it changes colors and when you keep pressing for a while it changes colors automatically . can the switch be modified so that i i can have all these features working at a reasonable height normally the height for a switch in a room.or why not a remote control?


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11 years ago

Don't know that unit, so I'm guessing...

You probably can't just extend a wire from the touch contact. Doing so would probably result in adding enough capacitance to make it always think it was being touched.

It might be possible to kluge something with a relay mounted near the lamp that switches an additional circuit to simulate touch. Uglish...

It's certainly (theoretically) possible to separate the control circuit and the LEDs. How hard that would be to unsolder is impossible to tell without opening the whole thing up. If you're lucky there might be a wire you could just lengthen between lamp and control circuit. If not...

Basically: First step is for someone with half a clue to open it up, figure out how it's intended to work, then figure out what can be done to alter it. Or you can just gopher baroque.