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knex Lever Action Winchester Replica review Answered

this is Killer~safecracker's winchester review:

looks:4,5 looks like a real one,and there is no blue rod sticking out the body.
comfort:4,5 realy comfort.
innovation:3,0 nothing to new.
piece usage:3,5 uses quite a lot of piece,and some people dont have flexible bleu/white rod
strenght:3,5 the stock is a bit weak,but the rest is strong enough.
power:4,5 it has a lot of power for a replica,but its a slingshot,and slingshot have a lot of power.
accuracy:4,5 it has a realy good accuracy!
reliabilty:4,if you have not to strong elastic,your a good go

total:4 realy good gun, build it now and give him a sub!


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11 years ago

Good review!

This makes me need to build it very soon!

cool bas3
cool bas3

Reply 11 years ago

thats my pleasure