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Knex T.B.U.A.R review. Answered

this is killer~safecrackers T.B.U.A.R review.

comfort: 8/10 - comfy handle, but it could have a stock.
power: 8/10 - its quite powerful.
looks: 7/10 - it looks ok, it could be better tho.
innovation: 9/10 - its small and compact and has a scope.
accuracy: 7/10 - ok accuracy.
piece usage: 8/10 - it doesnt use much pieces.
stenght: 10/10 - very sturdy.
reliabilty: 9/10 - bullet always leaves the barrel and a great trigger.

overall: 66/80 - good gun from killer~safecracker. its worth a build!



9 years ago

Thanks for the review man. I added you on my top 15 list. :-)