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l96a1 dimensions? Answered

i need to know the dimensions of the l96a1 as i am building a model one that i hope will fire bb pellets but i cant build it without dimensions or a firing mechanism. i may post an instructable if the gun is any good but the most important thing is the firing mechanism with a trigger. if you have any ideas please tell me  



Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 8 years ago

Found the link via Google(tm) search. This site
 says the length of this rifle is 1.270 m, and also the barrel length is 0.686 m. 
Also it has pretty side view picture:
I fed this picture into MirocSoft(tm)Paint(tm), and spent some time screwing around and drawing lines on top of it.  It looks like about 2.21 mm per pixel.  From that and the full-res drawing linked below,
you can figure out the rest.

pinderfishJack A Lopez

Answer 8 years ago

thanks for this it should help me, all i need to do now is work out a mechanism that fires airsoft pellets.