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laptop HDD: What is this connector called? Answered

I have 2 broken laptops. The first one it turns on and turns off and the HDD seems to be dead. The second one is a toshiba laptop and the screen is broken. Now the HDD for that one I don't know what kind of connector it is. I want to use the hard drive for something else, if possible make it into an external. It's a toshiba it has a piece that comes off but you need it to connect it to the laptop; and when the connector comes off it doesn't have pins, but piece that sticks out. I'll post pictures if I get my camera working.



Reply 10 years ago

Thank you very much _

I also realized I had an old WD HDD and used the case and stuff and my hard drive really is dead, but not this one from the laptop.


10 years ago

it's probably s-ata as you said it doesn't have pins, in this case pics are worth the whole topic. ;-)