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laptop queries? Answered

i have had my gateway t-16 for about a month now, so no ive decided its time to start considering modifying it.
i just recently got a new battery for it, only $47 off ebay.

but ive got some issues with this laptop.
well, not really issues but things i have a problem with.

first off, the laptop has a phone line modem, im never going to need it, so im wondering, if i remove the modem card from inside the laptop will it continue to run properly?

second, there is the Realtek wireless card, for barely average wireless connection distances, the card gets extremely hot, i dont have a thermometer, but i can easily say its hotter than 50 degrees, my cpu is at 41 degrees right now and the card is a lot hotter than it is (to the touch)

third is the cpu itself, it can be a low enough temperature to turn off the fan, but thats quite rare, the fan is almost always running.
ive been thinking about taking advantage off all the space in the cpu area and make a heatsink assembly that goes on top of the heatpipe, right above the cpu. the cpu is only at 40 degrees right now because im not doing anything, sometimes even low requirement games will shoot up the temperature to 70+ degrees, in just a few cases (less than 3) the laptop has shut itself off because the cpu reached its thermal limit, 95 degrees.

i cant even watch the ben heck show without worrying about the temperature, and no form of cooling pad helps, cpu cover on or off.
the cpu cover is also a problem, there is no direct intake for the cpu fan, the cover has no vent right there, just a spot where the plastic is a bit higher, otherwise the air for the cpu is drawn from the motherboard side, where the air is already warm from the chipset, im currently running the laptop with the cpu cover off.

the ram gets warm, but its not out of any ordinary operating temperatures.

last and certainly not least, is the apparent lack of bluetooth in my laptop, the case is even designed with a space for a bluetooth module, and there is a connector on the motherboard for a bluetooth module, and if i had one, i would put it in. what really bothered me is the fact that the gateway service staff had insisted that i was seeing things when i saw the bluetooth coneection, and that there was no way in the world that my laptop could have internal bluetooth. this ticked me off, because they designed the laptop and they dont even know whats inside it.

i could definitely work around the heat problems if there were some really small blower fans, but im not sure if such a thing exists.

also, why would my wireless internet turn off (and not turn on) when i plug in a usb flash drive?


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