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laptop screen becomes digital picture frame Answered

I am wondering about the possibility of turning the screen of an unused laptop (or another flat screen monitor) into a digital picture frame. I don't have a background in electronics but am pretty good with directions. Audio would be a nice bonus, but is not a necessity.  

Thanks, everyone!!!



2 years ago

I think I've seen this before online. Keep in mind that the screen won't last forever and will start to get weaker over time...

Purple Chez

2 years ago

I should elaborate...My Halloween theme this year is
Disney's Haunted Mansion. One of the props I'm planning is the Aging Portrait
in the foyer, usually ID'ed as Master Gracey. I found a youtube video of the
portrait, drew it out to age more slowly and imperceptibly, and put music
behind it. I have a SmartParts digital picture frame that plays videos, but I
cant get any of my Master Gracey files to play on it. Somehow, I want to get
that loop on a screen that I can mount in a spookified, antique frame.