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lcd stand or bracket? Answered

Hi have an LCD and finding a mount seems to be almost impossible. To attach a mount it first need to be recessed into the screen.
The VESA dimensions are 200mm X 100mm. Does any one have any ideas as to as to how I can fix this monitor to the wall.
The monitor is a Samsumg 2494HS



8 years ago

Google "VESA mount, 100mm x 200mm" You'll get quite a few hits.


8 years ago

If I recall correctly, a standard 100x200 mount should screw on to the back after you pop the cover plate - and that bracket will clamp onto the wall plate. What exactly is the problem?

If a standard universal mount is too tall to fit in the cavity, you have to find one that fits, probably a 100x100 that has extension arms like

You can also make your own out of a piece of aluminum or steel -- an adapter that has its own 100x100 holes to mount a standard monitor mount, and itself attaches to the 200x100 holes on the monitor.