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learning robot Answered

hey guys. friend and i are working on a project. we are trying to build a robot that will basically be able to follow a path. if there are obstacles in front it will go around them and then continue to the finishing point. no we also want it to learn about its surrounding. so if we bring the robot back to its starting point it will be able to get to the finish with out bumping into objects.

we are planing to adopt this robot here https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-wall-avoiding-Robot!/?ALLSTEPS

what do u guys think is it possible and if so how.

the robot will learn by creating a grid in its memory using multi-dimensional arrays.



11 years ago

you could either use ultrasound or Infrared. Use a microcontroller to detect every object near, and time relavent for the time when it was (object near at 10 seconds from start, something like that), and then trigger different motors to turn.