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led charging circuit Answered

I dont have much experience designing circuits but i can soldier. I need to design a circuit that can charge 2 aa rechargable batteries and power 2 leds. Each rated at 25ma and 2.0~2.2. I want the circuit to be charged by usb and use a 3 way switch. Off, on (both leds) and charge. The usb will be plugged into a mains usb charger, not a pc port. I think i have included all important details. So please help me by explaining what i need to do and possibly schematics.



5 years ago

If you want to design a charger for rechargeable AA batteries you'll need a degree in electrical engineering. I think you should take the charger that is made to charge the batteries and modify it to suit your needs. Though i doubt you'll be able to use a USB power source to do it all.