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left handed and cack handed on guitar.can anyone suggest how i might squeeze a tune out? Answered




10 years ago

This is a problem I was never aware of until my south-pawed father took up the guitar. All of the instruction manuals out there were backwards for him. I do know that he eventually found manuals which are for lefties - don't know the name but I'm sure a google search will yield decent results. You didn't mention what kind of guitar you have. If it's built for a righty you'd do best to trade it for a left handed guitar. Now as far as squeezing out a tune, the easiest way to get started quickly is with power chords: 1. Put your index finger on any fret of the low E string of your guitar (the fattest string). 2. The next string up from the low E is your A string. You'll want to put your ring finger two frets further up from your index finger on the A string. 3. One up from the A is D. Put your pinky finger on the same fret as your ring finger on the D string. 4. Strum your guitar making sure to hit only the three strings you have your fingers on. 5. You have just played a major 5th chord. -- 1 -- -- -- -- -- (low E) -- -- -- 2 -- -- -- ( A) -- -- -- 3 -- -- -- (D) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (G) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (B) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (high E) If you keep your fingers in the same form but move your hand so that your index finger is on the A string, ring on D, and pinky on G, you can play bar chords thay way, too. Alright, hope these instructions weren't too confusing. Good luck!