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like we have to make a instructable about our instructables its only copying links? Answered

its only copying links and guess what we can't even open them what should i do !!!!!!! i wanna copy pictures



3 years ago

1. Take your own pictures, do not copy other people's.

2. Save those pictures to your computer.

3. Write step-by-step instructions for whatever you are doing.

4. As you write, upload the appropriate images from your computer to that step.


3 years ago

Right Click, Save Image As, not Copy Image Location but if you're using your photos from your instructables then those are stored in your image library.

Click 'You' in the upper right, pick 'Settings' and then under your profile picture on that page there is a link to your image gallery but if you're making an instructable then you can just add images from your library right in the editor.

If you're trying to download images from other peoples intsructables then stop. It's illegal to use other peoples photos without their permission.