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line distance in the new editor Answered

i'm not a big fan of the (now compulsory) new editor (yet), but since it is an inherent qualitiy of humanity to be sceptical towards all things changing don't mind that.
BUT: i have a really big problem with the line spacing (i hope i'm using the proper terms for all this formatting related things...)

Here, it still works fine: if i want to create a newline, that is if i want to create for exampple a list of things that contains
per line
the line spacing between those words is still just the same than when i just type in an endless row of words and if i reach the end of the line it starts automatically in in new one.

if i use the new editor though, if i do the list thing, (if i push "enter" after i typed in something) all of a sudden the line spacing is about 1,5 times as big as in normal text and i can't change that. this really bugs me, as it doesn't look very good, but it also makes a text very unclear an confusing and if you have to write a long list of things, for example when explaining what things you need for an instructable, the text will appear very long and things that before fitted nicely on a computer screen have now to be scrolled down.
furthermore, it is not really possible anymore to distinguish between a new

paragraph (that starts when leaving an empty line between the text), or if you leave an empty line, you have a really huge gap between text parts that just looks weird and bad.

so please, is there a way to fix this? is there a button to push to prevent the increase in line spacing when i push "enter"?
that would be really awesome!



6 years ago

ok, that works, thank you!

but why make the "normal" version - the not doubled spacing the more complicated one?

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

Reply 6 years ago

Yep, at least before, Shift+Enter should do it :)