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looking for a digital photo frame with video in option and easy way to switch to video in? Answered




10 years ago

You will most likely NOT be able to find a DPF with video, at least not a one that would cost as a DPF and not as a fully functional monitor. Trust me, I've been all over eBay as well as local Wallmart, even bought a DPF, taken in apart only to realize that they are not made to accept composite video. All they do is to take a digital picture file and render it (also digitally) to the LCD. There is not a single analog part other than the power supply and backlight on these things, so video is out of question. IMHO what you can do is #1 purchase a dedicated video monitor. Can also be relatively small size LCD. I got 5" one in eBay for something like $35 shipped. Does not have a frame though, so I need to think about concealing the ugliness. #2 Buy a two-monitor car DVD system, re-purpose one of the video monitors and continue using the other one as intended. Last time I checked in Wallmart, it was cheaper than to buy a dedicated video monitor AND a dedicated car DVD system. Go figure. end of my 2¢