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looking for an idea Answered

Hi all, 
I am not sure this is the right place to pist this but couldnt find any better place.
so as the topic mentions im looking for an idea... you are probably asking idea for what? so here it goes 
im volunteering as a high school mentor for the FIRST robotics competition. this competition is awesome for kids - building a robot from nothing in 6 weeks to do a changing task... this is difficult even for experienced engineers. 

anyway, we want to teach the kids some useful things before the competition starts, such as working with power tools, sensors, some basic electric circuits and mechanical elements (bearings, sprockets, gears etc.) we tried lectures and classes but it doesnt quite do it, 
so i thought a good idea would be a nice project that might combine all of the topics mentioned above.
so where do i go when i need a good DIY project? instructables! i browsed around but couldnt find something that was exactly what i was looking for... 
so can anyone help with an idea? 


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8 years ago

The robots are run on a competition course with predetermined layouts. You could take one of them and make a giant miniature golf course out of it. Light up spinning windmills, bridges that move, etc. Good luck.