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looking for any software where you can use instead of laptop on\off switch? Answered

my asus x50z laptop onoff swich would never start the machine although it is only 6 months old where i baught from germany {which reflects how bad tha asus is} anyway this switch change will cost me too much specially i am no more in germany and even in my country jordan we dont have any asus representitive office to repair .i dont wont to discribe how hart it is to sign uo with asus they asked for laptop serial no. and product no, which are all scrubbed off  tha laptop      ''''''''please help me how to get thoseNo.s   and how to opoerate my laptop without using the switch   thank alot



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11 years ago

Turning off a laptop without the switch is easy when everything is operating properly; you just tell the operating system to shut down  and it ends by powering off. (The details depend on which operating system you're running.) Or, if worst comes to worst, you can pull the battery -- though that's really not recommended except as a last resort when the machine is too dead to respond to anything else.

Powering up is a problem, since until it's powered up you can't run software. You *could* investigate if your network hardware supports "wake on LAN", which would let you wake up the machine from another computer on your (wired) network -- but that will run down your battery, though less than a normal standby would, and it doesn't help if you aren't willing to go to a second machine to turn it on.

So I think getting the numbers and/or getting it fixed really is your best bet. Those are often available from the BIOS configuration, and sometimes available if you go to the manufacturer's website and run a piece of software that they can supply. (I know Thinkpads can report their model number, and I believe their serial number; the website can automatically suggest upgrades/accessories suitable for that specific machine.)

The other possibility is to spend the money and take your machine to a competent repair shop. If the switch _ever_ works, even occasionally, then the electronics are probably fine and all it needs is a new switch -- or maybe just some connectors re-seated -- which is a relatively cheap fix. You could even attempt that yourself, if you're careful, though of course doing so will void the warranty.

Your real mistake was in not returning the machine for a refund, or contacting the manufacturer, IMMEDIATELY when you discovered it was broken.