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low light video Answered

I need to wirelessly video a seance in low light and remotely view what the camera captures as it is happening. Web cam? GoPro? Android Galaxy III? How could I view the digital video remotely? Laptop? Another phone? Thanks for ideas.  Ourladyofquacamole


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6 years ago

An inexpensive surveillance camera system (usually a camera with a monitor) can be purchased even at places like Walmart. All digital cameras are 'night vision capable', which means an infrared light source is all that is needed illuminate an entire scene or room. Modifying the camera is unnecessary.

A network camera (IP cam) can be used as well for wireless viewing, some with remote controls to pan around the area. In any case, the IR light source needs to be substantial and out of view of the camera as it causes a lot of flare when it gets in the picture.

There are proprietary camera and monitor systems for wireless setups that are fairly simple to install and the video can be directly fed into your PC via USB, live and recording at the same time. This kind of setup gives you much better frames per second video than with a phone and many web cams/applications. Sometimes a split second of video may be what you're looking for, and the lower frame rates can rob you of a good session.

Google "wireless video surveillance" and you'll have plenty to choose.

Ghost hunting typically uses one or more of these setups, and I have the equipment to prove it (lol).