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magic wand gimmick? Answered

I want to make a magic wand that gets hot enough at the tip to set flash paper aflame without the audience being able to tell it is any different from an ungimmicked wand.



Best Answer 9 years ago

maybe do something like a cigarette lighter (in a car) and either have the wand in a cup that could be plugged into the table like a charger and right before you do the trick, and have it at a natural angle (not straight up). use a silver tipped wand and have a coil of some metal,i don't know what your budget is but i bet it's not gold! so probably use maybe, copper? I don't know exactly, I'm a magician not a scientist. Anyways, put it in t e cup right before the trick, kind of make it look like your a little dis- organized and make it look like it's completely unnecessary and not part of the show, then do a trick to get there attention, maybe d'lite or rising deck, or floating light bulb, then do your amazing trick! maybe if this sounds too hard, go on http://www.magicgeek.com and they have a flint thing under fire , so you could have the wand in the other hand, and strike the paper in the other. hope that helped. :)

The Jamalam

9 years ago

Perhaps you should try and get an electric circuit or charge it up with static electricity, and then coat it in kerosene or get a bit of methane around. My science teacher could charge himself up on a van der graff generator and light a bunsen burner with his finger because of the static electricity. Good luck.