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magnetic bike pedals DIY? Answered

I'm Brainstorming a better magnetic pedal .   I know Proton and Mavic already make them But I'd like to have a Mag-Pedal that can be used with any shoe .    ... IDEA:  Using recycled neodymium magnets glued recessed into a gel insole  and magnets on pedals I'm hoping to make it easier than cleats on special shoes.  Of course you won't get the locked in power of straps or clippless cleats .This would be ideal for mud,gravel, quick commuting on regular bikes,bmx,mtb,people who what some full leg power on the up stroke but want to put your foot anywhere on the pedal you want.  Question: Might there be extra bearing ware from magnets?  Will there be enough magnetism through an inch of rubber to work??   Please critique my idea . 



Best Answer 9 years ago

Use Neodydium grade N52 magnets for your build. You can buy them from companies on Ebay for cheap and even get great deals on big packs of them.


Answer 9 years ago

 thank you aaron. I will keep your info for the shopping list . As i live in seattle ,there are literal tons of harddrives thrown away. part of my idea is to reuse the neo mags from the harddrives . 


7 years ago

Even neodymium magnets are probably not strong enough to act through 1 inch of any material. They are also very soft and prone to wear. Suggest you use by recessing into a base affixed to the pedal platform and use a steel plate on the sole of the shoe. The plate could be attached the base of the shoe either permanently (recessed and glued/screwed?) or temporarily using strong velcro straps, elastic or pedal clip straps. Another method is to use adjustable clips like the ones that were used for clip on skates.


8 years ago

I know this has already been answered, but I really like your idea! I have some neodymium magnets laying around to try this! I think that an instructable is called for!


9 years ago

Most HDD use N40 grade Neodydium magnets. Not much difference from N52 so they should work good. Use epoxy to glue them as nothing else will hold for very long. I can't wait to see an ible on this from you. Make sure to make one and good luck !!!