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main image doesn't look as it is supposed to be? Answered

i have publish 1 instructable whose main image was 3MP (2048*1536) and of 738 kb, but when i see into recent instructables only corner portion is visible ( instructable was food item but only some part of dish is visible)
can you help??
now through edit option i can't change main pics view (though in instructable pic is full)


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7 years ago

If it is the nice candy flower ible,
I do see the full image as you intended.
You might be in some edit mode.

I can double click on the image to enter full resolution
which does initially start at the top left corner.
Then I can use the frame bars (bottom & right of screen) to scan through the whole image
at 2048*1536 pixels.
I am using the Firefox browser on a windows XP.