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make a belt or braclet from a bike chains? Answered

bike chains were used for belts to fasten pants in the 1960s as were motorcycle chains.  How was/is that done?



8 years ago

Use a standard bracelet clasp or a belt buckle with a hook rather than a tongue and buckle. Degrease the chain-it's not going to rust much while you wear it : )

Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

Seems to me like the oil from the chain would stain your pants, and how else would you keep the chain flexible except by oiling it?

I'd answer this question for you, but time travel is kind of dangerous.  The last time I tried it I really screwed up your universe, I mean the one you and I are living in now.  Sorry 'bout that. 8-P

Since I'm no longer willing to risk time travel,  maybe you could find something in the historical archives, here: