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making a book closet ! Answered

I have a closet which was used to be for clothes but now it is full of books and junk
I was wondering if i can turn it into a good book closet .
It's depth is 56 cm which is very deep so i'm afraid i can't support the books from behind.
Here r some pix to explain .
Also i wanted a good way of categorizing the books , like i have alot of school books , tons of self improving books , etc .

Any idea would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance .



10 years ago

Add baskets/shoe boxes/tubs that can hold the books upright. Sort the books by subject (I'd separate self-help and school) and then place them into the tubs by subject. Label the end of each tub with the categories that are in it. Then, say, to find your old calculus book, you'd pull out the tub marked textbooks - math and science. This allows you to use the depth of the shelves without sacrificing ease of access. Other tubs can be used to hold all the "other" stuff as well, with similar labeling (lids on the tubs will allow you to stack these tubs). Hope this makes sense and good luck! Oh, and I'd cut boards to slide into the center of each of those shelves to help support all that weight.


10 years ago

I assume your wanting to do something different than just shelves. I suggest you look into getting some "lazy susans" and make a rotating shelving unit. The books could then be placed so that to find a book you turn the shelving to find what you want.