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making a simple sound board.? Answered

need help to make a simple sound board for and educatinal kids game. needs to have 5 or six different 1 min long sounds connected to individual on off buttons.......any idea for the technically challenged would be appreciated.?




10 years ago

I'd try the mellotron way.

using three cassete players, (each has two channels: left and right) you can make a switch box that switches the left and right of each on and off.

all the shields should connect together, and all the lefts and rights should each connect to their own 10k resistor, then to each switch, and then connected together to an output jack.:

if you're ok to follow a schematic, you can try:
(and do browse this site, there's lots of schematics)

you should be able to get parts at radioshack or any number of online electronics parts suppliers (mouser, Jameco, PartsExpress, Allied, etc.)

of course for the very technically challenged, you could buy an inexpensive mixer, usually in even numbers, like 4 or 6 channels, like:


10 years ago

The DEADLY easiest I'd have to say is use a touchscreen laptop. Next easiest is to have a computer-powered button unit that in talks via gamepad to the computer, and the computer does all the work. It's possible with integrated electronics, but 'sound' in general is not their strong suit. The easiest method for the software end I think would be to make a flash animation with the sounds you want. There are plenty of guides and tutorials for making that.