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making eyeglass frames Answered

hello, im in the process of making myself a pare of eyeglass frames. im stuck at figuring out how to get the groove into the inside of the frames for the lenses to fit in because the lenses are curved. and the frames are rectangular in shape. anyone have any experience in making glasses? can someone give me a tip? much appreciated. :-D


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13 years ago

Somewhere I saw or read that the process for fitting a lens inside a frame is like making/cutting a duplicate key. There is a router like end which machines out the lens and the parallel attachment that rides along the shape of the frame to guide and duplicate the exact cut. I guess you would do that process in reverse so you would machine out the metal/wood/plastic frame with a dremel like tool hooked up to something that follows the curve of the lenses. Or else you can go with the newer style frameless glasses and use miniature screws directly to the lens or advanced adhesives to mount half a frame. Good luck.