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making real web shooters ? Answered

well i have been searching the web for real tech like the movies. and i've always been a spidey fan unfortunately the web shooters don't exist. because no one knows about the fluid or the shooter  i got some idea's for the fluid i think  most people believe that there is glue in the mix but i think maybe liquid rubber would work as long as it's still liquid until it squirts out or like some kind of string to shoot out with it to stick to it to make it a solid web .and for a very important part of the shooter a small narrow nozzle  i'm not a science wiz so please give me some ideas  or comments.


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8 years ago

i have an idea, but we would need to have it solidified and in strings, its called adhesive, check this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMnM8fqNTXg&feature=related, im sure we can somehow make it into some kind of string, adhesive can hold up to 500lbs, possibly even more, so if people somehow pull this off, they could try being spiderman. email me when u have a some kind of solution