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managing tags in image library Answered

While writing an instructable I was uploading picture using the new uploader (is it still new if it's older than 6 months?). Before clicking upload I used the tag files as and input my info. I have found 2 issues with this style of upload. I'd like some feedback.

1) I see the benefit of tagging uploaded photos and the aid in searching. But, is there any plans to offer a folder based system to he image library? Not all the files I upload to this site are relevant enough to include in the tagging section. As far as I've tested, not tagging a file results in the file only being viewable in the 'All' category. If you upload more than 50 pictures you'll be searching for a while to find it again later.

I've been using an ad hoc method of using underscores to keep files organized. (ex. of tags: _discussion, _forums, etc. And for hyphenated or 2-word projects, tagging jello_brains or joining words like jellobrains). This is really so the drop-down menu isn't cluttered with all kinds of one-off keywords.
Is if there is a folder-based system to use/search our library that isn't reliant on keywords.

Which made me think of something else.

2) After re-uploading the photos again with the underscores in the right places (for my own sanity of keeping things where I can find them). I tried deleting the now-redundant files under the old tags. I successfully deleted the files under the tags, but couldn't remove the tag. I had not started writing the instructable yet or identified any keywords anywhere else outside of the upload editor.
Is there a method to remove redundant or erroneously-named tags to files?
Is there a way to add additional tags to a file after it has been uploaded?


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10 years ago

We currently don't have any plans to implement a folder based system to manage uploaded images/files.

You can see/edit/add tags (aka: keywords) for your images by clicking on the 'i' or clicking on the image name from your library. Here's an example:


You will see the Keywords box on the left hand sidebar where you can edit them.

It appears we're not removing the index of the image asset after a delete properly, which is why you are still seeing the tags for images that you have already deleted, we'll be fixing that shortly.

I did think of one thing that might help organize uploads. If we provided a drop down list of your current tags when we ask you to tag an image, that would make it much easier to organize images/files without remembering your own tagging names.

Hope this helps to clarify what's going on.


Reply 10 years ago

Hmmm, I learned something new about the image library. this information will help me utilize the 'tag' functions better after uploads.

Too bad about the folder-based system. I can understand the value in tags, but like the option to work on file/projects using a different interface.

Thanks for the answers, and for addressing the fix.


Reply 7 years ago

it would be wonderful if i have the chance to manage tiff tag, i want the information in it.