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media player playback is stuttering, missing out small pieces of music? Answered

I am running Vista on a dell inspiron laptop and have music playing on WMP latest version uptodate music is stuttering and skipping not smooth  choppy, this happens with all sources live cd or stored files. Iv tried everything and need advice if possible.



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7 years ago

More than likely your Pc is overloaded and is time sharing the media playback with other activities.

Look at the task manager to see what is eating the processor time.

Disable all programmes you don't need at start up (Down load Ccleaner to do this easily) - Check you system for malware (malwarebytes is a good free option) Defrag the HD. Run antivirus

Then see if it is better.

Sound issues are often caused by running more then 1 sound card in the machine - this causes conflict between which one to use. I had this problem with Audacity until I removed the extra card I didn't use much anyway.