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micro camera for Rc planes Answered

If been wanting to film some of my Rc flights iv been thinking of two ways to do this: A.) buy a mini camera (not wireless could cause interference with other planes or mine although it should only affect 2.4GHZ or spreed spectrum channels which are designed to handle this kind of interference but i dont want to cause any accidents) or B.) Buy a cheep digital camera and mount it to plane

Things to consider:
Any thing will add weight to the plane which will affect balance (to solve this add weight till balance)
I want to avoid wireless.
How to power; battery's weight a lot and take up lots of space
Size of camera
If i do use micro camera where will it record too?

Dose any one have any suggestions or ideas on the best way to do this on the cheep?
Original form (it was origanaly posted in that group but it got separated)
i found a Camera called the flip video camera it has every thing iv been looking for its cheep about 150$, has a tripod mount, records 60 min of video, comes with editing software, runs on 2 AA batteries, and has a small (1.5inch) Lcd screen


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You could use the pen camera, that I posted a link to you on Kipkays Instructable. It's small and round, so there wouldn't be much drag. It's small and lightweight and comes with built in battery. It stores the data in flash memory like in a USB flash drive.

i make shooting things

Bump...kipkay used a camera that would be perfect in his spy on any one motion triggered camera but those sold out on Ebay :\ so im out of ideas. The planes im flying are smaller now. And i would never fit a full sized camera in them. ¿help?


12 years ago

...my same comment if you didn't see the duplicate post... My brother does RC helis/jets/planes. He does it with one of those $30 disposable video cameras from Wal-mart/big pharmacy chains. You can search the net to find the hack that lets you build a usb connection to download the video and reset the unit. Cheaper way to go if the thing goes down in flames. Good luck and happy flying