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micro-controllers : What will I need to program them (Hardware) ? Answered

I have a PDIP chip ATMEGA168 a 28 pin mc and I want to use it. I wanna know what will I need to use it for some very basic gadget with a very small budget.Do I need a Development board and an ISP programmer both? Or is there anything like a small usb programmer where I can just put my chip and program using avr studio.. Actually I plan to make my own programmer and any schematic will help,
thanks in advance..

** so can I make a simple dev board, i need the micro controller for some kind of a alarm triggering mechanism for the overhead water tank so I dont wanna waste a lot of money for a full fledged dev board with lcd and stuffs, so how can i make a dev board..any links will be good !!


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Answer 8 years ago