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microcontroller based pen drive? Answered

i had a question in my mind that a memory of a microcontroller can be used to save data and can be used as a pen drive.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You mean all the 2k / 4k / 8k or in some cases even whooping 32k? At once?

For a pen drive, the memory of a micro controller is just too small. You could use only the EEPROM part as the RAM will lose the information as soon as the stick is unplugged and the program memory is, well, for program and only very complicated to use as data storage - if at all without an external programming device.

You would have to add external flash memory chips. Implement an USB stack in the controller, implement the drivers for the memory and so on and so on.

Or just by an xxGB USB stick for a few tokens of your local curreny.


8 years ago

Yes - in principle - actually I doubt it - As said go out a buy one you will save a load in the end.