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might be interested solar powered led only 1,2,3,4 leds 2 AA cost less than 10 dollars. address both sides. Answered

Sorry about too much up on Question in a nutshell these are great If enough people are interested I would be happy to show you how. I know its simple I am as new to electronics that there is but computers whiz just boring. Electronic could never get boring thats were real me do electronics. The difference between mine and the $149 ones is they have flaws that make them not good enough. its so simple once you do it right so bare with me I am disabled and my brain slowed down but see for yourself.



10 years ago

I am not sure which $149 lights you are referring to. I also do not see the pictures of your design attached. Are you working on an Instructable?

A quick check of Ebay turned up a number of quite cheap solutions. Perhaps you could disassemble some to see how they work?

BuyItNow price, shipping included:
  • 3 LED rechargable solar keychain, $2.65
  • 5 LED solar panel flashlight, $5.79
  • 5 LED solar bike lamp, $8.28
  • Malibu solar accent lighting, $10.55

I'm sure you could find some even better deals at local electronics and hardware stores.