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mini 5gb hitachi hdd re-purpose/integrate into speaker system (LOTS OF HELP lol) Answered

well, where to begin? I have a 5gb hitachi microdrive sitting in my lap right now, and i was thinking of possible  uses. ironically the idea I came up with is pretty much exactly what it came from. mp3player lol. I do have the rest of the mp3, which to my knowledge has no damage except a removed screen that was shattered many moons ago. So i shouldnt have to format it or anything. 
~Can I adapt some other random lcd screen/ externally operate via laptop or phone.
~could it be integrated into an amplifier circuit so that i could hook speakers up direct
~if yes ^ would any of you fine specimen be willing to either guide, or send me links for a VERY simple beginner amplifier circuit. (i dont have an LM386 taken apart tons of stuff, cant find one. and i am very much so a beginner.)
~ are there ANYYY ideas for possible other uses/configurations. I have an arduino but ive yet to begin study (on the grounds that I believe I should start with basic components and circuits b4 code)
~i have questions for dayysss.. would anybody care to do a little tutoring here and there when I have questions? Im no dumby, but I am just beginning so patience may be required, along with a casual tongue. 
~lastly, im poor. I mean like REALLY poor, donations? lmao no jk jk jk. however Im unable to purchase anything at all. I do on the other hand have a mismatched selection of harvested pcb's littered with the good stuff, so if given ample time and alternatives I may posses the required component.

                                                                                                                                                                          Much appreciated,



Answer 2 years ago

its cool, but im not sure how applicable it is to my situation. all i have is a small 5gig hdd from an mp3 player. not a whole computer lol. thank you for trying tho! :)


Answer 2 years ago

Do you know anything about the HHD? Google the model number of it, see if you can figure out how to interface it. If it uses a basic SATA interface you *may* be able to get a SATA to USB converter and plug it into the computer. If it's very small likely does not have a standard SATA connector, so you may need to solder the differential pairs directly to it.


Answer 2 years ago

Ok to go further with just the HDD you can't. it needs a computer of some kind to access it and suitable software to decode the information and turn it into music.

Hence my original post.

If your really that new to electronics etc you need to start off with very simple project. Flash a few LEDs, make a few sounds. etc. As you learn you will understand better what you can and can not do.

Ben Hecks videos are a good place to start watching so you can understand what someday you will be able to do.


may also help.There are lots of Youtube videos that will take you through the basics including a lot of instructables as well