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modify cd player to zoetrope Answered

i am looking to modify a portable cd player into a zoetrope. this is fairly easy to do, but i have zero electronics knowledge and thought it would be good to ask if it is even possible.

here is an old zoetrope

i just looking for a one second loop of animation to occur.

cds spin at about 500 rpm - which when you do the math is about 8x too fast. so how can i modify the cd player to slow down?

i know that i could get a strobe light and try variations on the strobe, but since the rate of cd player spin alters from center to far edge (goes more slowly) the strobe light would quickly get out of sync.

any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



12 years ago

Here's an ignorant shot in the dark....

If the edge is spinning 8x too fast -- make the slots 8x wider. My guess is that the faster angular velocity means your eyes have less time to observe an image - so if you widen the slot, you increase the time to view/interpret an image. Just a guess, and I think you might need to change the image size too (not sure).

Otherwise - are CD player motors stepper motors or regular motors? If its the latter, just find the voltage inputs, apply power and call it a day ;)


12 years ago

just a guese but you could gear down the disk spinner


Reply 12 years ago

aye, a good suggestion/guess. thank you for the reply. however i am a little too ignorant on how to do this. i haven't been able to find a specific tutorial or instructions on how to do this. if someone knows of a good place to start, i would be grateful.