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modifying xmods Answered

i have to x-mods cars and a box of random electronic parts. the cars are each about 8 inches long ang go pretty fast, ind i want a way to hack or modify them to do something, but i don't know what. please help



2 years ago

My arduino doesn't seem to have the power to push the motor. Did you use a relay or easy driver?


7 years ago

I am trying the same thing. first I took off the antenna and then the cover to the circuit board. Then i replaced the wires to the motor and and servo. The motor is easy you just connect wires to it. But the servo motor is more complicated you need to switch the positive and negative to control the direction of the steering for this I plan on using a H-Bridge. I will be using an Arduino Uno to control this. For the steering i think i will use PWM so I can control it with Digital. I am beginning of this. A Arduino Uno costs about 30 dollars. It is a great thing if you want to build robots. I would not Recommend doing this without a micro controller Because the purpose of a micro controller is to save wiring by having you program. It would be very hard to do. You could do so many things with the Arduino Uno and a X-Mods.
I hope this helps. Sorry for the bad pictures. :(