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motorised motorized bicycle? Answered

im looking to make a gas/petrol push bike i have access to all tools exempt welder i have multiple weed eater engines and money is not a problem i am 18 and looking to put a motor on a 12inch bicycle i would pefer chain drive so a gear ratio? i would pefer it to go fast and be rear weel drive the motors dont have a clutch i have seen the one here but there friction drive somone help me out? thanks in advance



9 years ago

Go to Motoredbikes.com and Motorbicycling.com    Find the gear ratio calculators there and use the search functions extensively to learn how to build your vehicle.  There are many great ideas, photos, videos and experienced advisors in those forums.  Study and learn as much as you can before you start asking questions.  You're more likely to get members answering your questions if they can tell you have done some homework.  Personally I favor pusher trailers.  Motoredbikes.com has a separate subforum for those.

Why such a small bike?  12 inch?

AmmoniaBingeElectric Spectre1

Answer 9 years ago

A good sprocket ratio for speed using a 33cc(example) engine is11 tooth on engine and a 36~40 tooth sproc on your final drive(slow out of the hole)
For quickness and hill climbing a 48~52 tooth on your final drive(lower top end speed...AB from Red Rock Cycles...Motorized Bicycles

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Answer 9 years ago

Actually I have a 33cc gas scooter and it has a 10 tooth drive and 40 tooth driven sprocket and it had no problem going up a 40 degree incline with a pocket bike and me on it (Don't ask why I wasn't just riding the pocket bike). 

Electric Spectre1

10 years ago

Also a clutch would be alot better. You wouldn't stall the engine as much, its easier to start, easier on the motor.