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motorola v. car phone kit to i phone ? Answered

Hi i have a motorola v. car phone fitted to my bmw does any one know how i can use the phone kit in my car for a i phone i was hoping there would be a motorola to iphone adapter Regards Steve



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10 years ago

 BMW offers snap in adapters for several different phones. The adapter can be ordered at the dealer for a specific phone (only certain models). Unless you have a early cell phone equipped BMW (say 97-05), you wont have any issue finding an iphone adapter. The newest BMWs are bluetooth equipped, so the adapter issue is gone. You can always find them cheaper on eBay than the dealer. With more info (make, model, year) I could help more. One last thing...if you buy from the dealer....install yourself, they will charge to much. If you hang out on the instructables website...you can handle the install.