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movement decision taken upon the light seen by a robot Answered

I'm working on a line follower robot and it has to check traffic lights every estimated distance
and a decision of whether to move or wait is to be taken upon the current state's light of an external traffic signal [ green to move..etc ]
it has to be done without the help of a micro-controller

i couldn't find a color sensor without the usage of MC. however i managed to find a only one color detector using an LDR and a LED with the given color. could this sensor help in my project ?

moreover the robot will have to check two traffic signals at the same time and will move only if one of them is green [ if both are green it will have to stop ]
should i connect Green1 & Green2 states of the two sensors to an XOR gate or there is  a more appropriate way ?



4 years ago

you're right. i appreciate it anyway. somehow i found a way to use a LDR and an OP-AMP as a comparator as a simplified color sensor so thanks for both of you


Answer 4 years ago

Your welcome - sorry to sound a bit hard but as a teacher I understand what goes on.


4 years ago

Sound like a school or college problem so we shouldn't be giving ready made solutions.