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movie ideas anyone?? Answered

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!



22 days ago

My movie a comedy: a strange virus hit all humans and make their strong arm paralized


7 months ago

So this is completely out there but.....
In this novel which could have a couple different series or seasons is in a utopia dystopian setting: witches and warlocks and magical fairy tail creatures are from a different planet let’s say mars and a witch from mars decided to visit earth and help find a cure for all the incurable dieases of the world but the cures end up turning everyone to sadistic vampires of some sort that thirst for human blood and organs like zombies with working brains but that same witch creates an isolated quarantine area on mars to figure out another cure and while some came out fine and were allowed back to earth others didn’t and either stayed the same or came out mutated or with supernatural powers or in some cases both but because they only thirsted for pure human blood they were allowed to roam free amung the fairy tail creaters. So earth worked out a deal with the witch that they would clean up the population and what they think is bettering the earth by droping the people they deemed as trouble makers of the world into the quarantine area so we’re gonna call them floaters could have a meal. The government thinks this will help rid the world of anyone they saw as a threat to earth and keep the population from getting over crowded. this story would revolve around a girl who was cured from cancer (leukemia) and became immortal and acquired supernatural powers she is not a floater anymore though and lives in a small village on the planet and had never been out of her village because this older man that she became fond of (also not a love interest) told her that the world out there is not the same since the floaters have came. A boy that’s new (not a love interest there’s a crazy twist to it) comes to her village he’s escaped the quarantine area where most of the floaters stay and he’s lost all memory and befriends a witch along the way that alerts him that he’s human and earth has sent him here to be eaten by these creatures she injects him with a serum that makes his human blood undetectable by the floaters and he befriends the immortal girl with supernatural powers she sets out on a quest to find out the truth about this world and earth and and figure out who is the person responsible for all of this and if there is a way to fix this and make the floaters not want to eat humans anymore so everyone can lead a somewhat normal none sadistic life again. There’s so many more twist to this just gave don’t want to give to much more of it away.


5 months ago

My idea is a tense thriller sc-fi set in the future. Where the USA is invaded by aliens, followed by the UK and Europe. But no one sees the actual Aliens just their machines that destroy anything and anyone in their path taking out strategic locations on the way. But it turns out to be not Aliens but the Chinese or Russians or even both, trying to destroy America and it's allies using Alien technology they reversed engineered. But it turns out also that the Aliens are pretty much pissed off they are using their technology in this way!


6 months ago

There is this book called “Remember me always” and it is SOOO good and would make a perfect movie!


9 months ago

My movie is about animals killing at a certain time at 6:00pm
Everybody should be inside the house if you lived outside all the animals will kill you something's wrong with the animals the only thing it last for 3 hours then everything go back to normal.. all around the world..


9 months ago

My movie idea is this.
Guy learns to drive from the early age and becomes driving geniuos without touching the car. Later on he gets in an accident following memory loss on his abilities, Some time after in driving school he barely manages to graduate but finds a friend secret street race driver who manahes to see his talent. Guy takes him under his wing but the street racer secret past start to unfold and some people are after him. The driving genious kid takes the wheel in his own hands and tries to find his best friend(street racer guy) who ended up missing.


1 year ago

Movie The first Law

A inventor breaks the second law of thermodynamics and
creates a perpetual motion electric car that recharges from free ambient heat
in the air.

The inventor then tries to break the first law, proving his
theory is true.

  • Lots of genetic engineering in the film, the
    first genetic engineered buildings and bridges.
  • The infinite fractal mobius zoom-in will take
    you very small, and then through the clocks of chaos, then you zoom in on your
    own universe like a god.

Reply 10 months ago

A camera zooms in on Big Ben clock, we see small, then 3D fractals of Big ben in complete chaos, then zoom in on your own universe.


11 months ago

Private No 2296 John (Barney) Hines of the Australian Imperial Force, 45th Battalion. 27 September 1917.

'Barney' Hines was also a kleptomaniac who became known in the trenches as the "Souvenir King". But he was one of the bravest soldiers at the front and would have been decorated many times had it not been for his lack of military discipline.

He earned his nickname because of his incurable habit of hijacking medals, badges, rifles, helmets and watches from the bodies of the German dead - and, in some cases, of those he captured.

He brought the Kaiser's wrath down upon his head when a photographer took a picture of him on September 27,1917, showing him surrounded by some of his loot after the Third Battle of Ypres.

Prints were circulated among the Diggers and inevitably some fell into the
hands of German soldiers - from whence they made their way to the infuriated Kaiser.

Born in Liverpool, England, in 1873, Barney Hines was always a rebel. Of
Irish descent, he ran away to enlist in the army at the age of 14 but was
dragged home by his mother.

Two years later he joined the Royal Navy and saw action during the Boxer
Rebellion when he served on a gunboat chasing pirates in the China Sea.

Discharged the following year, he went gold seeking around the world and was in South Africa when the Boer War broke out. He served throughout it as a scout with various British units.

His lust for gold continued and he searched for it in the US, South America and New Zealand. But he was working in a sawmill in Australia when World War I broke out in August 1914.

Despite being in his early 40s, he immediately tried to enlist but was turned down on medical grounds. Undeterred, he haunted recruiting centres until he was accepted to serve in France in 1916 as part of a reinforcement for the 45th Battalion.

And, once in France, the legend of this huge, powerful man who never showed fear, began.

He generally disdained conventional weapons such as his .303 rifle, preferring to go into action with two sandbags packed with Mills bombs.

His commanding officer had a brain wave and gave him a Lewis gun, which was an immediate success. Hines was entranced by its spraying effect and announced in his broad Liverpudlian accent: "This thing'll do me. You can hose the bastards down."

Another nickname he earned was Wild Eyes and at a later date the commanding officer was heard to say: "I always felt secure when Wild Eyes was about. He was a tower of strength in the line- I don't think he knew what fear was and he naturally inspired confidence in officers and men."

One of Hines' pastimes was prowling around collecting prisoners and loot with enthusiasm.

On one occasion, annoyed at the sniper fire from a German pill-box, he ran straight at it, leapt on it's roof and preformed a war dance while taunting the Germans to come out. When they failed to comply, Hines lobbed a couple of Mills bombs through the gun port. A few minutes later the 63 Germans who had survived staggered out with their hands above their heads. Hines collected his "souvenirs" before herding his prisoners back to the Australian lines.

Another time he came across a battered German dressing station. Creeping in,he found the surgeon standing over the operating table and, on tapping him on the shoulder, Hines was amazed to watch him topple over - dead from a shell splinter in the heart. Only one man had survived - ironically a wounded Tommy who was on a stretcher on the floor out of the blast. Picking the man up as if he were an infant, Hines carried him towards safety but he died before reaching allied lines. Hines lowered him gently to the ground -then returned to the loot in the dressing room.

His booty wasn't confined to portable keepsakes. At Villers-Bretonneux he liberated a piano which he managed to keep for several days until he was persuaded to give it away.

On another occasion he scored a grandfather clock which he carried back to the trenches. But, after its hourly chimes were found to attract German fire, his mates blew it up with - what else? - a Mills bomb.

In Armentieres he came across a keg of Bass which he started to roll towards the battalion. He was stopped by military police and told not to go any further with it. Unfazed, Hines left the keg and went ahead to round up fellow Diggers who returned to drink it on the spot.

When the AIF reached Amiens they found the beautiful cathedral city deserted. It was too much for Hines. He disappeared and was finally sprung by British military police in the vaults of the Bank of France where he had already squirrelled away millions of francs, packed neatly in suitcases.

He was hauled off for questioning by the British who, nonplussed on what to do with the reprobate, returned him to his unit. Later he was to boast that the escapade had cost him no more than 14 days' pay and that he had been allowed to keep the banknotes he had stuffed into his pockets.

But for all his incorrigibility, he was an outstanding, if unpredictable soldier who managed to capture 10 German soldiers single-handed.

There were some near misses, too. At Passchendale he was the only survivor of a direct hit on the Lewis gun nest. Blasted 20ms. and with the soles of his boots blown off, he crawled back, got the gun working and continued firing until he fainted from wounds in his legs.

Hines was also renowned for the party he held at Villers-Bretonneux after he found a cache of 1870 champagne and tinned delicacies. His mates were all decked out in top hats and dress suits which he had also acquired.

It was to be his last party for some time. Just after it ended he scored a bullet wound over his eye, another in his leg and a whiff of gas. Despite protests, he was hospitalised at Etaples, being almost blinded.

A few nights later the Germans bombed the hospital, causing 3000 casualties. Hines hauled himself out of bed, found a broom which he used as a crutch and spent all night carrying the wounded and dying to safety.

After that he was invalided home and, in the ensuing years, despite his wounds, he worked as a drover, shearer, prospector and timber cutter.

He volunteered for World War II and, when he was turned down - he was now in his 60s - he stowed away on a troop ship. He was caught before the vessel got through the Heads and put ashore.

After a colourful life, Barney Hines died, penniless, in the Concord Repatriation Hospital, Sydney, on January 30, 1958, aged 84.


11 months ago

movie idea "alien multiverse"


Humans find a way to travel to other universes

Collecting resources from other universes helps humans create amazing new technology

Humans invade earth in another universe for its resources

Go back to their own universe and use the resources to further create cool sci fi space stuff

Humanity builds kool space stuff, but their projects keep getting bigger and need more resources

A market is created to raid the multiverse of its resources for their own universe

They ravage hundreds of universes

More technology is created to raid the multiverse

Humanity goes to raid a universe

They get pushed back by the humans of this universe

Raider humans realize they might be destroying space time or something by taking materials from other universes and bringing it into their own

Raider humans decide to stay away and watch how this universe develops while other humans continue to raid other universes

This is the first time humanity has occupied so many universes, scientists are worried what might happen if too much material from one universe is spread throughout multiple universes

The raider humans watch as these humans create weapons to fight back in case more invaders come

Raider humans see that this universe gets harder and harder to ravage as time goes on

The humans find and attack raider humans

Raider humans attack earth

Earth learns about raider humans technology quickly and adapt to the raider human battle tactics

Earth pushes raiders away from the galaxy

Raider humans realize they need new battle tactics, but theyve used the same tactics for hundreds of years

Raider humans come up with a new plan and attack earth again

Earth was anticipating such an attack and destroy the remaining raider humans

Earth captures raider human technology and find raider humans universe

Humans pretend to be raider humans then unleash chaos in the universe

Raider humans realize they are monsters that they were always afraid of

Raider humans are slowly wiped out, humans inhabit raider universe and use their technology to create a bridge to their own universe, quality of life improves greatly for the humans

Two universes are easily accessible to each other now

Humans decide to see what the raider humans did to other universes and travel to those universes

Humans decide to never let such tragedies happen again

Raider humans that were raiding other universes arrive and get destroyed while travelling to their own universe

By destroying the raider humans mid transit into another universe, they open a wormhole

Humans detect rare materials that can be used to further advance their technology

(maybe they should raid the wormhole for its resources)

Humans prepare to explore with the raider human technology

Movie ends as humans travel into the wormhole



12 months ago

movie idea based on the life of ex heavyweight champion boxer Leon Spinks , the only man alive who fought Muhammad Ali two Times, his life story from starting with nothing and becoming olympic then heavyweight champion and how he lost It all.

Titled "The American Dream"


1 year ago

Hi my name is gregg Aguilar and i have a very short idea.how about if you make a remake of the Crow . Brandon lee is the one who play as the crow.i watch the series of the fear the walking dead.dears a character that his name is Frank dillane.he is a very good actor and he looks a lot like Brandon lee and he fits the character. Let me know. If you like the idea please thank you...

FrankDillane.jpgimages (5).jpegimages (6).jpegThe_Crow_Eric_Draven_01.jpg71R6xQ3HqnL._RI_SX200_.jpg

1 year ago

The Cutters

in the future, almost all crime is reduced to 0 by inventing "The time
cutter", a machine that can control time and space all together.

machine can reverse time and then play it forward, therefore every crime can be
played backwards and forward, but just for a “8 hours” and in a localized small area (like thanos
scene reversing the time) as so they say. So, crime still has to be observed
because the machine is limited (8 hours ). So, when a crime is committed there
is “division” that deals with that kind of situations.

are very fearless people and are very respected by others because they control
the latest technology in the world, and they are called The cutters, because
they cut and destroy violent part in when it happens in time. More exactly when a person is
killed they have 8 hour to find and capture the killers and rescue the
victim. Victims lose their memory because it is very violent and they cut that
part in reality like it never happened, but the killer is judged and put in
jail for a murder. The victim knows that she is with a memory lost , because
everybody knows The cutters and she understand their job.. (they are like
matrix gestapos).They are only four people working on 1 job: a three for the three
dimensions, and one for the time dimension. An example: There is a call that
someone is killed and the killer runs away. The cutters go to the place of the crime,
they scan the place with some sort of futuristic hand clocks and start reversing
the time (like a hologram)until they see the killer committing the crime and then play it a bit backwards so the victim
becomes alive (from hologram they becomome real) and the killer is apprehended. Then they
do the cutting of the future where the victim is killed. So with this technology
crime is very reduced. Well this is just the beginning. So next, is part two… But the time cutter machine is not
limited as people thought it was.

main character or the inspector of the cutters meet accidentally a man on the
street who gives him a watch (very discrete) with a scary look on his face and tells
the inspector "quote: This is my wife
watch, Your in a loop too,.she couldn’t take it anymore you have to save us
“End of quote. (a bit of drama).That drama is about a man whose grandfather was
in a ww2, a scientist, who gave him the two watches that can interrupt the
changes in the mind so they can remember every day, but their bodies can be resented
like the others. Ex: if in the beginning of the day someone starts the day by
waking up in the park and then sleeping somewhere else, he will still wake up
in the park. (resetting of the day).Ok so the twist starts from here. The
inspector tries the watch and begins to observe the repetition in the (whole
city or maybe a country), (like groundhog day).He is called for the same task,
same quotes from people and so on. So he
starts wondering. The mentally challenged people are somehow immune to the time machine and they can spread the awakening of the
people by just looking, so they are executed or tortured. So there is a double pressure
for the inspector to look very normal otherwise he will be caught and probably
killed by the "others”. So he learn that The machine was more power full and that all people in the city or
country were just a slave in huge place where people couldn’t even die .And story goes on…

this part is about the "others”.
They can be humans with advanced technology or aliens. I prefer humans because
it gives a deeper meaning to the story. (like: it’s our fault). So the others
are guilty of repeating the same day with some changes if they wanted to. The
reason is that they use the resources of the humans in the city or country like:
water t ransportation, electricity, food etc. The hint is that there is a
shield or wall in every city, they control everything. And whatever passes to
the other side is kept there, So they have constantly resources taking from the
side of the less advanced humans to their side. So the inspector learns this in
a few "Days" he knows that it’s just up to him to make the changes
and eventually free the people. So he finds the holes in the "wall"
and see how the other are living: careless, free, advanced technology etc. So
the main machine could be like a tower in each side it doesn’t use anything for
energy, (its self-efficient) or nobody knows how it’s working,just that it’s working.
So he finds a way to change the function of the machine and reveres it. I am
not sure about the end, or maybe he destroys the machine and let time flows
only forward. Details: The others choose only most productive days to repeat, they
can change time even only in the peoples mind, they have used different days,
last day lasted for 500 years because it was most productive day and nobody
wanted to go outside of the wall.(so less conflict).The machine is ancient, the
Germans had it but didn’t know what it does till they lost it in the war. So
manly Russia and America got it and discover what it does, and the new era of
human enslavement began where people cannot even die. And the” others” were
using it too, just to keep them young and healthy, but their minds were not changed
by the machine because they all had device against the machine influensing the
brain. The machine started in the year 2000.The others lied about it that it is
for the weather control and that can work only 8 hours backwards in time only
in a small place.


1 year ago

Im not sure you recieved the first idea i typed up but i have been working on this project since 2016 its about the last documented stage coach robbery in arizona from a horse drawn buggy coming from a gold mine also there are more cash robberys staged in this movie i would like to ask for some support in this production my name is ..BRUCE Dehaven my phone number is 718 662 4146


1 year ago

Hi Vanessa at Acacia Lodge in Frankston, Can You pretty plz If it's okay with you could your son on neighbours tv set plz present my hans christian andersons happy ending 2 these Executive Producers: Maddox & Tatiana Shanks so Disney can make hunchback of Notre Dame 3 & 4 animated film starring Blonde Bomshelle Esmarelda's Beautiful Daughter Alpine Blonde Blue Eyed Estelle or an Disney Stargate Movie About Sha're & Daniel / Amonet's Story after she went thru the gate at Chulak instead of Daniel n his SG1 team..... & or make my happy ending written below in an non animated hans christian andersons little mermaid real life movie & find an Raudha Athif , Jill Meagher, Jonbenet Ramsey & Sian Kingi lookalikes 2 play the leading roles alongside Vaitiare Hirshon, Hasina Haque & Pia Loyola Mullane, Jess Alba, Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Shanina Shaik, Monet Quibuyen, Issy Price, Anna Koefman Pink & Scarlett Johansson are Dark Brunette & Ruddy Red Haired or Alpine Blonde Blue Eyed lookalikes of Raudha Athif.....

My Family Friend Hels McPhee, Ashley My Favourite 2 West Alpine Blonde Blue Eyed Nurse in Frankston Hospital or Pamela Iwanow looks like Sian Kingi... Liv Bagley &
Hannah Cagwin as Jonbenet Ramsey lookalikes but none of them wanna be movie stars
actually The Little Mermaid in Hans Christian Andersons fairytale Did Get What She Wanted an Eternal Immortal Soul when she became a daughter of the air
when I make & produce movies in the year 6000 at the millienial reign of Jesus Christ according to the Hebrew year 6000 - 7000 or even earlier when I die & go home 2 heaven & MY daddy who died when I WAS only a baby he was the dad I never had growing up because he got brain cancer/ tumour as he grew up in an area where there was radiation & bombs going off in South Australia in Anna Creek....
I wanna see Vaitiare Hirshon, PIA LOYOLA MULLANE,
& HASINA HAQUE play the role of Queen Sirenetta in the millenial kingdom reign on earth of the Little Mermaid as the
Princes Wife & Queen
Jill Meagher, ADRIANA LIMA / MONET QUIBUYEN & Raudha Athif
as Sirenetta the Little Mermaid....
Jonbenet Ramsey & Sian Kingi
PAMELA ANDERSON & TAMMY LEE GLUYAS - TAYLOR can play the Little Mermaids GrandMother & The Sea Witch.....in Hans Christian Andersons Little Mermaid as Queen Sirenetta that became a daughter of the air yet was reunited with the prince in heaven & sent back 2 earth for 3000 years of never ending youth, eternal life, permanent legs & all her mermaid sisters including Nautica & Poseidon wife become daughters of the air along with Poseidon who becomes a son of the air Queen Sirenetta Reigns Germany with her German prince, the temple maiden & the temple maidens secret desire The Tahitian Black Leopard Tamer of Africa
Ashley My Favourite 2 West Alpine Blonde Blue Eyed Nurse in Frankston Hospital, Michelle Thomson, Nina Durdevic, Tammy Lee Taylor, Pamela Iwanow, Jess Rushbrook, Hels McPhee, Jennifer O'Dell & Hannah Cagwin as the Temple Maiden
Anja Colby Taylor, Jess Alba, Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Shanina Shaik, Monet Quibuyen, Issy Price, Hanalei Reponty Gudauskas, Anna Koefman Pink & Scarlett Johansson & Liv Bagley as The Little Mermaid Sirenetta
Vaitiare Hirshon, Hasina Haque, Pia Loyola Mullane, Catherine Zeta Jones, Esther Anderson, Suvarchala Narayanan as Queen Sirenetta....
------------------------------------- @----->--------
if I had it my Way
Sian Kingi & Jonbenet Ramsey, Michelle Thomson / Ashley My Favourite 2 Alpine Blonde Blue Eyed Nurse in Frankston Hospital would be playing the Temple Maiden,
Raudha Athif, Kahaina Kahn & Jill Meagher would be playing Sirenetta The Little Mermaid & Daughter of the Air
Vaitiare Hirshon, Hasina Haque, Pia Loyola Mullane, Catherine Zeta Jones as Queen Sirenetta 2 Reign as Queen Sirenetta in Germany with the Noirette Black Eyed German Prince she rescued from drowning in Germany for 3000 years of never ending youth after the little ,mermaid became a daughter of the air & ascended 2 heaven was reunited with the prince in heaven then sent back 2 the past 2 reign as queen sirenetta 4 the little mermaid, her prince, the temple maiden & the leopard tamer 3000 years of never ending youth living young up 2 40 or 50yrs old while the temple maiden & black leopard tamer runs away 2 africa then 2 tahiti avoid her parents marriage law 2 marry only the prince she found on the beach & so sirenetta & her prince can get married in The Baltic Coast of Germany with the Temple Maiden & The Black Leopard Tamer running away 2 Tahiti or Africa with her Black Leopard Tamer she always secretly adored then staying 40 until after 3000 years of never ending youth then returning back into heaven..

1 year ago

I have a good idea for a movie


1 year ago

Alot of remakes are happening because Hollywood is out of ideas quite frankly. ITS ALL BEEN DONE. So check it out, for the love of God please remake blood in blood out but more modern flair. When you are done with that do American me. Those are two overlooked films that already have a very religious following. Just do it justice cause you are dealing with a couple of masterpieces.


1 year ago

Everyone can tell me what movie should i make? I have no idea,I uesed to have ideas but not today.


1 year ago

I'm reading a book ONE SECOND AFTER by William R.Forstchen.I think it will make a movie that will rock you off your seat.This is a book that tells about a real threat.CHECK IT OUT.


1 year ago

Scifi: I want to see a movie where the roles have changed. Because many blockbuster movies is about the earth got attacked by aliens, and the earth all ways wins the battle by the cold or something else. But what about a story where, We... the earth people, explores and find a planet, the peoples wants to take over, because of the earth world is over populated, and many wars, and hungers is the daily thing on the earth. that's why peoples explorer new worlds in the space. But then...

The new world peoples finds, is all ready inhabited by a humanoid like creature, who are low tech and low evolved, but still have kings and their own way to live. The peoples business is to find places, and expand their buildings business, to sell out the apartments for the peoples. and then decide to wipeout the local creatures,because they had no interest to share the tight space with the earthlings, but fails the attack and got kicked out of the new world..

OMG just realized that this is "Avatar", and "Alien".... nevermind...


5 years ago

I just thought of another idea. A happy cop and family man, named john, comes home one night to find his family dead on the floor of his house, who were killed by this small time mobster. Now, ten years later hes working as a homicide detective for the NYPD who's addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, until one day his boss assigns him to a case of the murder of a big time gangster. As he looks into the case it turns out the murderer of the gangster was also the killer of his family and is now the biggest mob boss in the city, running the criminal underworld. So, john goes rouge from his police department and tries to hunt down his family's killer and find peace and justice but the mob boss sends up an army of criminals from the underworld to stop him. Now john must fight for his life on his bloody and brutal quest for the truth, justice and vengance


Answer 1 year ago

This is actually a movie named "MEMORIES" malayalam movie released in 2013.


Answer 4 years ago

Hey I would love to make a movie about this! May I have permission?

The Challengers

2 years ago

hi I have an idea what about a movie based apon the game undertale (info on the game in found on YouTube and the Internet)


1 year ago

NASA land a robot on Saturn's
Moon Enceladus to analyse and collect ice and rock specimens and then send
the specimens back to earth. The robot
appears to malfunction during landing on the planet due to technical failures, later
it is found that the robot has landed without crashing or getting too badly
damaged. The operating system of the robot was changed at the last second to
work around technical issues but nobody at NASA did it. The robot landed in a different
place to target where there is more chance of finding life.The robot does not follow all instructions from NASA
and does its own thing, NASA try to abort and self destruct the robot but it
does not, some samples are returned to earth and are stored in a laboratory. Back
on earth, a mosquito lands on a specimen of Enceladus
then flies out of the laboratory window.A mentally ill recluse gets
bitten by the mosquito and first his personality changes [lawn mower man] then
he metamorphosis’s into a Alien [The Fly]


1 year ago

I have a movie Idea that may blow people's mind's. Will you contact me @



2 years ago

i think you should do a movie like coraline but a reality looking version instead of animated and it should be called the Beldam based on the other mother i think that will be a great horror film


2 years ago

Here is the start of a film.

It is the summer, two guys plan to go camping and trekking
with a overnight stop over in the middle of nowhere in a tent. They go to the
shops and buy tins of potatoes and stew and some beers for dinner, and tins of
beans for breakfast. They sort all of
their kit out to minimalism ready for the trip but their drunken flatmate takes
away the tin opener out of their rucksack and does not return it. They start a
long day trekking and near the end of the day pass by a fenced off crop field
signed Defence experimental genetics. They realise that the tin opener is
missing so they decide to go back a short way to the crop field and try to steal some of
the crops they passed having boiled vegetables for dinner, the crops looked
like butternut squashes and courgettes. They cook and eat the vegetables, after
eating the food they have powerful hallucinations and telepathic communication
abilities and the rest of the film is just madness.


3 years ago

Hi! im a filmmaker, a young one, and I am making an awesome movie called "Freecloud" It is about a man named Mike Freecloud who has mutant powers, talking to animals, running fast, and sensing danger. for crimes unknown to the audience, (they are revealed in a prequel called "Badass") he is banished to live in the woods on his own, using his wits to survive. but the antagonists, The Triplets are some evil scientists who have mutant powers as well, are hunting down mutants and killing them, and then taking their DNA to make a powerful mutant breed, and Mike is next on their list. so they sand a cyborg hunter after him(sounds like Terminator, although it isn't) to kill him and retrieve his DNA. but then SSPA (Secret Society Protection Agency) Intervenes and saves him. they then take him to their HQ where the hunter attacks them. they get away and end up in a big battle and kill the hunter, with many casualties. after that there is a sad funeral and after that, the leader of SSPA, Hannah Pixel, stays behind, and reveals a new character, and a plot twist, for the sequel...


Answer 2 years ago

I was wondering if you would let me use your idea for a full feature film, you will get the credit


2 years ago

The Remington's. A movie based on 4 siblings getting together and planning a trip to go and see mom and dad after 15 years, where mom and dad are living in the middle of no where and dads prescription medication just got cut off. I have an Incredible imagination and would love to talk with you. I think we can make a movie that will grasp the hearts of millions as well as show the world about care and comfort of our mother and father. If you feel we have something......please give me a call...407-729-3419


2 years ago

Film Job.

A scruffy man jack buys a newspaper, he then goes to a phone
box in busy china town and phones up jobs advertised in the news paper in the order
they are listed, he is told over the phone the job is gone on each try, 1st
Job is a janitor, 2nd Job is a potato sorter... They are all crap
jobs. He then has his last coin to make
one more phone call, he drops the coin on the floor and the coin rolls along
way down the street into a Chinese shop. Jack goes into the shop to get his
coin and a kid says, ”here sir have a fortune cookie.” The fortune cookie says,
“You will get your dream Job.” Jack then goes back to the call box and phones up the next advert for a photographers
assistant. Jack speaks to a nice
sounding man who agrees he can start straight away and he will collect him from
the call box. Moments later a limousine pulls up and Jack gets into the back of
it with four beautiful model women, he
is told that they travel around the world modelling and making photos. Jack
starts his work with his job, often he is seen to be day dreaming and has to be
shaken out of it. Jack keeps dreaming he is living in a grotty bedsit and is
being evicted by bailiffs. At the end of the film Jack in the daydream is homeless
drinking alcohol with some tramps, a limousine pulls up and the Jack the photographer
with the four beautiful women gets out of the limousine and asks if he can take
some photos here.

[This plot was written in less than five minutes by a partly
drunk person]


2 years ago

Short film

It is the autumn,
two guys Dave and Paul walk down the road,

they are kicking up leaves, Dave is talking about what it is like to be dead

and whether it is possible to become a ghost in a afterlife. They get back to

their apartment continuing the discussion and Dave said, “If i die, the very

next day at exactly 12 noon I the ghost will smash that vase on the mantel

piece into 5 pieces.” They eat lunch together and then go out shopping down

town. There is a bank robbery and Dave is shot dead in the crossfire. The next

day Paul stares at the vase on the mantelpiece and the clock above it on the

wall, it is 12 noon and the vase does not fall off the mantelpiece and smash.

It is a one minute to one o’clock, Paul turns on the radio and the radio
station says, “ coming up the mid day news, don’t forget to turn you clock
back one hour it is now winter time.”

Paul immediately adjust
the wall clock to 12 noon and puts it back on the

wall, it is a few seconds to 12 noon, he realises the time and tremors, seconds
later at exactly 12 noon the clock falls off the wall knocking the vase off the
mantelpiece and the vase smashes into 5 pieces.


2 years ago

A bachelor very wealthy man dies, he has half of his wealth converted
to gold bullion and is buried in the towns local cemetery with the gold, there
is also provision in his last will and testament for a team of paid security guard
to protect the grave. The other half of his wealth is converted into gold
sovereigns and is thrown into shark infested waters.


2 years ago

A sociologist is researching colonising other planets, he
sets up a fake project studying geology in the south pole at 2 remote research centres, one research center does not know the other resarch center exists The south pole research centres are fitted with voyeurism spy cameras, a team of
5 young men and one young woman is sent to one research centre, and 5 young women and one man to the other.


2 years ago

A man stalks a woman he is obsessed with; he has made a last
will and testament leaving every penny he has to her. The man appears to die in
a truck chase accident when the truck he is driving goes over a cliff a catches
fire. Sometime later, the woman claims the estate as a beneficiary, the man then
reappears after she spots him panhandling down town...


2 years ago

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2 years ago

dont use the bathroom after me when i eat a taco


2 years ago

tacos are delisicioso


5 years ago

I have an idea for a great Cartoon movie. Bring back BETTY BOOP and MIGHTY MOUSE, from the 1950's era to make a movie of them together.



2 years ago

You should make Fablehaven a movie. I loved the series and I believe the graphics would be out of this world!!!


4 years ago