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mp3 to midi Answered

I have been looking very hard around the web and have not yet found a free (or a trial version) mp3 converter that can make it midi or (mid) type music file. Also some step by step instructions on how to do it would be nice. UPDATE I don't want to put it on my ipod I need it for my phone and it handles only midis.:( Thanks in advance:)


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14 years ago

MP3 format can't actually be converted to MIDI. The problem is that MP3 as well as any other recording format is the actual audio recording of the music. Converting one audio format to another isn't difficult but tends to degrade the quality much in the same manner as making photocopies of photocopies. MIDI, on the other hand, is nothing more than a text file of instructions as to the sequence of notes and which instruments play them. There is no actual audio information in a basic MIDI file. There are some hybrid variants that hold audio samples, but not that will work in your phone... The process of converting an audio file to MIDI would require a program that could read the notes and build the MIDI file from them. That program, while it might (unlikely) get the notes right, cannot tell the difference between a guitar and a bassoon. The results are always disappointing!