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ms-dos help? Answered

well i was ready about windows 8 and saw the orginal windows called windows 1.0 , 2.0 , and 3.0
and i figured you could only get the installion disk off ebay or from a friend so is it legal to get a copy off the net and use it or would i have to buy it?
2nd how would i install it just like windows xp (somewhat) thanks



8 years ago

I actually have a WORKING vintage IBM thinkpad that's 20 years old happily running dos and 3.1. Total hdd size is 163mb and I currently have 804kb free. CPU is i386 at 33mhz and I use floppies for saving homework and such. I have pacman for dos and I have dos and 3.1 setup disks and I will tell you that the setup goes alot differently than xp or 7


8 years ago

There is, essentially, nothing in common between Windows 3 and before and anything from Windows NT and later. Very different systems.Very different programming requrements/tools/skills required.

It's copyrighted code. It's too recent for the copyright to have lapsed. You can't legally get a copy off the net; you would have to buy it -- and MS licensed it on a per-machine basis, so you can't legally buy someone else's used copy either.

You would install it by feeding in the diskettes. Lots of diskettes. And you'd better hope that your current hardware will run in a sufficiently degraded mode that the ancient drivers will tolerate it.

Basically: Unless you have a machine of that vintage, don't bother. If you don't want to spring for Windows, install Linux.

well i do have a few old computers but i was thinking more on the lines of using it in vurtial to see what it was like


Answer 8 years ago

.  +1
.  I doubt if MS is going to come after a hobbyist with a bootleg copy of a 20+ year old OS, but it is illegal.


Answer 8 years ago

I doubt if MS is going to come after a hobbyist with a bootleg copy of a 20+ year old OS,

.......and severe masochistic tendencies.....


8 years ago

I've got Win 3.1 and a version of DOS somewhere, if you're interested.