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i was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?


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9 years ago

The design of an electric harp depends on your requirements. Different types of electric harps sound different.

Some are acoustic models with a fitted sensor or two (piezo or microphone)--they work both with and without an amplifier.

A harp specifically designed to be electric usually has a piezo pickup for each individual string. Here's an example (a set costs over $500 USD).

I have an electric guitar with individual piezo bridge pickups (one per string)--it sounds very different than either a regular electric, or a miked acoustic guitar. Or for that matter a single piezo set in an acoustic bridge.

There isn't an "easy out"--an acoustic harp is easier to retrofit with a sensor or two, but is heavier and more complex to build than a pure "solid body" electric...which would be expensive to fit with pickups.