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my camcorder doesnt have 0-lux capability, but sees the infared bulb lit, but not the light it emits, what is it seeing? Answered

my camcorder is a vixia hv30 and it can sense the strobe of an infared source (ie the tv remote) but not the light it emits. is there an invisible light source i can use with this camera?



Best Answer 10 years ago

The light from a remote is infrared - and the sensor in all digital cameras is sensitive to it. Problem lies in that most all cameras have a filter that blocks most if not all of the infrared somewhere in the lenses, or just before the sensor. Reason being that infrared or near-infrared looks red/purple/white on a colour picture, and totally throws off what the camera sees for colour balance compared to our eyes. It still sees 'some' of the light (like you see a welders arc thru a welding shield). You dont see the reflected beam of light because it is just too dim to see. Try shining your remote control on a wall in a totally dark room - you should see it like a dim flashlight. Answer to your question: You can get infrared flood lights - led clusters that just shine IR - or make your own.


10 years ago

. If you use frollard's IR floodlights idea (sounds like a great one to me), you may still need to remove the camera's IR filter for best results.