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my earphones wires dont have any colors? Answered

i was trying to repair my earphones but i couldnt beacause when ii tried to stick it with another jack from an old one i found out that it doesnt have any colors on it and the old jack have the regular colors 


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 1 year ago

It does not matter what color the wires are, provided you can discover which wire goes where.

you have a multimeter, that is the usual tool for looking into wires,
for to see if they are connected, or connected through a small, or
large, DC resistance.

In the case of earphone wires, there is an additional feature to help you. Specifically, the earphones make sound, in response to small electric currents.

So even if you do not have a multimeter, you can fake that part, using a single AA, or AAA, battery, plus some wires.

I am naively assuming you have only 3 wires to discover, and these are right(R), left(L), and ground (G).

When the battery is briefly touched to R and G, the right earphone will make sound, "scritchy-clicky"

Similarly, when battery is briefly touched to L and G, the left earphone will make sound, "scritchy-clicky"

think there is only one remaining permutation left for choosing 2 of 3
wires, and that permutation is R and L. What happens when battery is
briefly touched to R and L? It turns out, for this condition, both earphones will simultaneously make sound, "scritchy-clicky".

I think that is enough information for you to discover which earphone
wires go to which earphone, just by connecting a single battery cell to 2
of 3 wires.

If you have more than 3 wires to deal with, it is maybe a little more complicated, but I am hopeful you can figure it out.

the way, if you want to hear what, "scritchy-clicky", sounds before
messing with your earphones, this same simple
battery-plus-speaker-wires-test, is used by peoples for to discover the
polarity of larger speakers, and there exist Youtube videos of people
demonstrating this. For example, this one:

icengJack A Lopez

Answer 1 year ago


As usual a very good reply..

You $hould get an HQ remote $taff po$ition..


1 year ago

what color are you talking about? when you put it on the phonne or what?


Answer 1 year ago

i was talkin about the wires inside the earphone cables it should have i think gold and blue and green and red but in my conditon it doesnt haveany thing


1 year ago

Jack A Lopez thank you for this information it helped me a lot i've succeeded in fixing it thank you again