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my girlfriend and my 8 month aniversery is coming up on te 26 of september and I need a gift Idea? Answered

she likes duct tape, zombies, ninjas, and facebook so PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!!!!!!(panicked yell)



Best Answer 8 years ago

First off, your girlfriend sounds amazing and you should marry her now. NOW! And second off try to take your duct tape skills to the next level by wrapping some sort off small figures in duct tape and end up with one that looks like a ninja and one that is a zombie. Then post a picture on facebook that says you are the zombie and she is the ninja or whatever and then give them to her so she can love and cherish them forever. :)


7 years ago

You should make her ninjas and zombies out od ducktape and post on facebook 'whatever her name is I LOVE U THX 4 EVERYTHING' . And also post the ninjas and zommbies on facebook


8 years ago

I've got it. Make a ninja turned zombie out of duct tape and post picture of it on Facebook.

Otherwise, a duct tape wallet where you put pictures of ninjas and zombies on the outside. Also, post it on Facebook.