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my ipod 30gb 5th generation isnt recognized by itunes or in my computer does my battery need replacing? Answered

i have the latest itunes installed. when i connect it to my p.c. the ipod says "please wait  very low battery" but it never goes away and isnt recognized in itunes or in my computer. i have also tried a wall charger but the results are the same.




7 years ago

Try what astroboy suggested first, then if you are still having problems and are using a windows computer, goto device manager and try updating the driver.

If you are using a mac, I can't really tell you how to fix it... I'm a mac hater.


Answer 7 years ago

mac hater? :'(

Found this:

Jul 4, 2007 12:46 PM (in response to KevR)

Alright so this just happened to my iPod and I spent like two hours trying to figure it out and I finally did. It's totally simple, by the way.

It won't charge because it doesn't have enough juice to start charging [crazy as that sounds] so it just continually resets it's self. You need to have it hooked up to your computer in 'disk mode'.

1. Take your iPod and plug it in to your USB port.
2. Hold down the select [center button] and the play button.

That's it, It might have to update your library but you shouldn't lose all your music. It worked for me so I'm hoping it can solve all of your guys' problems too. Good luck!

That is to enter disk mode on the same ipod. If your computer recognizes it you could also try a full restore through itunes (you will lose any music/media not in itunes), but thats a last resort. We have a 5th gen classic here too and the battery only lasts 1hr or abouts now, so it very well may be your battery. Cheers


7 years ago

Hard reset it by holding the menu and center buttons until the apple logo appears, while the ipod is on. Try connecting after that.