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my mother and i are in a heated debate and i need your help to prove i am right!!! Answered

as of now i claim that it is possible to make a pecan tree into a bonsai tree using grafting techniques and that the pecans will be miniaturized with the rest of the tree is this possible? best answer gets a thank you and a patch (if applicable)?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Grafting does not take on the traits of the base tree which only provides
the plant sustenance energy.

The example, of seedless oranges being grafted on to standard orange
trees which thereafter produce seedless oranges only on the graft
Where the same oranges grow the same size as they did in the
South American Continent where they were first found by explorers.

The answer to your debate is grafting a pecan bearing cutting to a
Bonsai doesn't shrink the nuts,  that will only grow if the cutting is left
to go wild after a year.

I was a card bridge partner with a tree grafter.



8 years ago

You prove your point by actually doing it.
(This is the Best Answer)



8 years ago

AFAIK, the only fruiting trees that have miniature fruit are those varieties that naturally have miniature fruit.

(for instance, Calamundrun Orange is a good variety to use if one is interested in having fruit that are of the same stature as the bonzai itself (although even with Calamundrun Oranges, the size differential is still evident )


8 years ago

To the best of my knowledge pecans and walnuts cannot be Bonsai'd(?) Don't ask me why, that's just what the guy who sells Bonsai tree at the local swap meet told me. The fruit on Bonsai trees are not miniature. If they aren't stunted during development, they will grow to normal size, if the tree can support the weight of the fruit. I ate a plum from a Bonsai tree once, it looked and tasted just like an ordinary plum.